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Issa Daoud El-Issa

Journalist, Nationalist, Orthodox Defender, Activist

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Date of Birth:



Jaffa, Palestine​​.

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Why Featured?

Issa El-Issa was a prominent Palestinian journalist and poet. He co-founded the biweekly newspaper Falastin, a leading voice in Arab and Palestinian nationalism and a critic of Zionism. His work played a significant role in shaping Palestinian identity and defending the Arab Orthodox movement against Greek clerical dominance​​​​​​.

Brief bio

El-Issa was a pioneering journalist and an influential figure in the Palestinian national movement. His newspaper, Falastin, became a symbol of resistance and a platform for advocating Palestinian rights, Arab nationalism, and the struggles of the Orthodox community in Palestine.

Major Milestones


  • Establishment of Falastin Newspaper (1911): Founded the influential newspaper Falastin, which became central to the Palestinian national movement and Orthodox Christian advocacy​​. ..See More

  • Exile and Role in Damascus (World War I): Exiled during WWI, El-Issa became chief of the royal court in Damascus under King Faisal's government and played a role in promoting the Palestinian cause​​.

  • Election to Arab Executive Committee (1928): Elected to the 7th Congress of the Arab Executive Committee as a representative of Jaffa​​.

  • Joining the National Defense Party: Joined the National Defense Party, opposing Hajj Amin al-Husayni's sympathizers on the Atomic Energy Commission​​.

  • Surviving an Assassination Attempt (1936): Survived an assassination attempt, highlighting the contentious and dangerous nature of his work​​.

  • Advocacy for Arab Nationalism: Through his newspaper, El-Issa strongly advocated for Arab nationalism and Palestinian self-determination​​.

  • Defense of the Orthodox Community: Actively participated in the struggle for the Arabization of the Orthodox Church against Greek clerical hegemony​​.

  • Promotion of Palestinian Cause in Syrian Media: While in Damascus, influenced local newspapers to dedicate significant space to the Palestinian cause​​.

  • Opposition to Zionism: Strongly opposed Zionism and Jewish immigration to Palestine, using his journalistic platform to voice these views​​.

  • Contributions to Arab Orthodox Renaissance: Played a role in the Arab Orthodox Renaissance, navigating between Ottoman and Arab nationalist ideologies​

Date of Last Update: 
December 30, 2023

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