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Hussein Albarghouthi

Poet and writer, contributed profoundly to Palestinian literary heritage.

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Why Featured?

His poignant work captures the essence of Palestinian life, identity, and the diaspora experience, contributing significantly to Arab literature and providing a voice to the Palestinian people.

Brief bio

Hussein Albarghouthi was a Palestinian poet, writer, essayist, critic, lyricist, playwright, and philosopher. His writings, imbued with the poetics of the ordinary, offer a testimony that goes beyond the horizon line of life and death, creating a powerful testament to the Palestinian experience and the universal concept of home.

Major Milestones


  • 1954: Born in Palestine, marking the beginning of a life that would become a testament to Palestinian culture and arts.

  • Late 1970s to 1980s: Earned his MA and Ph.D. in the United States, signifying his academic dedication and intellectual growth.

  • 1990s: Returned to Palestine to teach at Birzeit University and Al-Quds University, contributing to the education and enlightenment of future generations.

  • Late 1990s: Diagnosed with lymphoma, a turning point that brought a new depth to his work as he began to intertwine the personal with the political and philosophical.

  • 2002: Passed away, leaving behind a legacy of literature and thought that continues to influence and inspire.

  • Literary Works: Authored influential texts in various genres, including poetry, plays, songs, screenplays, and prose, which resonate with the Palestinian people and others around the world...See More

  • The Blue Light: His best-known work, forthcoming in English translation, is a memoir that offers a glimpse into the turbulence of his life and his meditations on existence...See More

  • Among the Almond Trees: A memoir that explores the poetics of the Palestinian countryside, life, and death, providing a potent political statement on Palestinian identity...See More

  • Academic Contributions: As a professor at prominent Palestinian universities, he shaped the minds of students and fostered an environment of critical thinking and reflection on Palestinian culture and history.

  • Cultural Impact: Through his writing and teaching, he played a significant role in challenging the settler colonial narrative and preserving the cultural and historical identity of the Palestinian people.

Date of Last Update: 
December 14, 2023

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