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Husam Said Zomlot

Diplomat, Academic, Fatah Senior Member

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Date of Birth:



Rafah Camp, Gaza Strip, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Husam Zomlot has played a significant role as a Palestinian diplomat, academic, and economist.

He is a senior member of Fatah and has served as a strategic advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

His diplomatic roles have included serving as the Head of the Palestinian Mission to the United Kingdom and the United States, significantly contributing to Palestinian foreign relations.

Brief bio

Born in the Rafah Camp in the Gaza Strip, Husam Zomlot has had a notable career in both academia and diplomacy. He is a key figure in Palestinian politics, holding high-level positions in Fatah and advising the Palestinian president. His work has centered around promoting Palestinian interests internationally, particularly in the UK and the US.

Major Milestones


  • Born in Rafah Camp, Gaza Strip, in 1973.

  • Became a professor of Public Policy at Birzeit University.

  • Served as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University and an instructor at the University of London.

  • Appointed as the Head of the Palestinian Mission to the United Kingdom in October 2018.

  • Prior served as head of the PLO mission to the United States.

  • Significant influence in Palestinian foreign relations through his roles in Fatah and as an advisor to the President...See More

  • His academic work and teachings have contributed to the understanding of public policy and economics related to Palestine...See More

  • As an ambassador, he has been instrumental in advocating for Palestinian rights and issues on international platforms.

  • Contributed to the Palestinian diplomatic efforts in the UK and the US, fostering bilateral relations.

  • His role in academic and diplomatic fields has played a part in shaping the narrative and strategy of the Palestinian struggle internationally.

Date of Last Update: 
January 16, 2024

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