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Hisham Zreiq

Visionary Palestinian Filmmaker

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Why Featured?

Documenting Palestinian History Through Film

Brief bio

Hisham Zreiq is a Palestinian filmmaker, visual artist, and poet, recognized for his poignant films and artworks that delve into Palestinian history, identity, and the diaspora experience. His acclaimed documentary, "The Sons of Eilaboun," explores the narrative of a Palestinian village affected by the 1948 Nakba, shedding light on the resilience and struggles of its people.

Major Milestones


  • Artistic Beginnings: Started his journey in computer art in 1994, initially focusing on digital mediums before transitioning to film.

  • Documentary Filmmaking: Directed his first documentary, "The Sons of Eilaboun," in 2007, which won the Al-Awda Award in Palestine for its impactful storytelling...See More

  • International Recognition: His works have been showcased in multiple international film festivals, earning global acclaim for their artistic and narrative depth.

  • Move to Germany: Relocated to Germany in 2001, where he continued his artistic and filmmaking career, broadening his impact and network.

  • Ongoing Contributions: Continues to produce films and art that address key issues facing Palestinians, contributing to international understanding and dialogue.

  • Cinematic Portrayal of Palestinian Stories: Through his documentaries and films, Zreiq has brought significant attention to the Palestinian historical and contemporary experience.

  • Advocacy Through Art: His work often serves as a form of activism, using visual storytelling to highlight issues of displacement, identity, and historical memory...See More

  • Educational Impact: His films are used in educational settings to help audiences worldwide understand the complexities of Palestinian history and struggles.

  • Cultural Preservation: By documenting stories and narratives related to the Nakba and its aftermath, Zreiq helps preserve Palestinian culture and history.

  • International Outreach: Engages with a global audience through his art and films, fostering cross-cultural understanding and support for Palestinian issues.

Date of Last Update: 
July 8, 2024

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