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Haifa Beseisso

Breaking Cultural Stereotypes

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Date of Birth:



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Why Featured?

Challenging Arab women stereotypes and promoting cultural understanding.

Brief bio

Haifa Beseisso, a Palestinian-American YouTuber, has made significant strides in breaking cultural stereotypes through her unique blend of travel vlogging and music. Her work primarily focuses on challenging misconceptions about Arab women and fostering a global dialogue on cultural understanding and acceptance.

Major Milestones


  • Starting Her YouTube Channel "Fly With Haifa" - Haifa started her YouTube journey by creating travel vlogs that explore different cultures and share the dreams of people she met around the world. Her engaging content quickly gained popularity, making her a significant voice for cultural exchange and understanding...See More

  • Becoming a Media Sensation - Through her commitment to breaking stereotypes and sharing diverse cultural stories, Haifa rose to fame, becoming a celebrated media personality in Dubai and globally...See More

  • Creators for Change Initiative - Haifa was selected as an ambassador for YouTube’s global "Creators For Change" campaign, using this platform to produce music videos that address stereotypes and promote a positive image of Arab women and cultures.

  • Release of "The 3aib Song" - In this song, Haifa tackles the Arab world's shame culture, challenging societal norms and expectations placed on Arab women. The song became a form of collective therapy and sparked conversations about gender and cultural norms.

  • International Recognition - Haifa's work, including her impactful videos and participation in initiatives like the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, has brought her international recognition and accolades for her contributions to cultural understanding and breaking stereotypes.

  • Promoting Cultural Understanding - Through her travel vlogs, Haifa has been instrumental in promoting cultural understanding and breaking down stereotypes by showcasing the diversity and richness of cultures around the world...See More

  • Challenging Gender Norms - With "The 3aib Song," Haifa boldly addresses and challenges the gender norms and societal expectations placed on Arab women, promoting a message of equality and understanding.

  • Inspiring Youth - Haifa uses her platform to inspire and empower the youth, encouraging them to explore cultures, dream big, and challenge societal stereotypes.

  • Fostering Global Empathy - Through her involvement in the Creators for Change initiative, Haifa has contributed to fostering global empathy and understanding by using her creative talents to address tough issues and promote positive change.

  • Advocating for Women’s Rights - Haifa’s work consistently advocates for women's rights and equality, using humor and music to address serious issues and encourage dialogue and change.

Date of Last Update: 
February 4, 2024

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