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Dima Al Sharif

Culinary Artist, Cookbook Author

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Why Featured?

Dima Al Sharif is a highly respected and multi-award-winning food artisan and author, especially renowned for her cookbook "Plated Heirlooms." She has significantly contributed to the culinary world by preserving and promoting Palestinian cuisine. Her work encapsulates the rich cultural and historical heritage of Palestinian cooking, making her a crucial figure in the field of gastronomy.

Brief bio

Dima Al Sharif, a Dubai-based food artisan and author, is widely recognized for her cookbook "Plated Heirlooms," which explores Palestinian cuisine's rich culinary history. She is known for her commitment to sustainability, support for local and regional small businesses, and championing various social causes. Al Sharif is also a pioneer in online specialty grocery stores and has been involved in numerous culinary events and forums.

Major Milestones


  • Publication of 'Plated Heirlooms' (2015): This cookbook is a comprehensive exploration of Palestinian cooking, emphasizing its historical and cultural significance.

  • Winning International Awards (2017): Her cookbook won the "Best In The World" title for Arabic Cuisine at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Yantai, China. It also received awards for "Best Self Published Book" and "Best Historical Recipes Book."

  • Inclusion in Educational Programs (2020 - 2021): 'Plated Heirlooms' was included as a textbook in the IB program of VISS students and by Purdue History Department for Middle Eastern Studies.

  • Culinary Blogging and Social Media Influence: Dima runs a top-ranked culinary blog and has a strong presence on social media, using these platforms to promote Palestinian cuisine and organic farming...See More

  • Launch of Organic Mooneh Essentials: To support local farmers, she launched a range of seasonal and organic pickles and preserves...See More

  • Plated Heirlooms: This cookbook brought Palestinian culinary traditions to the forefront, offering a comprehensive insight into the region's food history.

  • Advocacy for Organic Farming: Al Sharif has been a strong advocate for organic farming and has worked to raise awareness about environmental issues.

  • Support for Local Farmers: Through her work and her range of organic products, she has actively supported local farmers.

  • Educational Contributions: Her cookbook's inclusion in academic curriculums highlights its educational value in understanding Middle Eastern culinary traditions.

  • Participation in Culinary Forums: Her involvement in various culinary events and forums showcases her expertise and contributions to the culinary world.

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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