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Abu Hamdi Alqudoumi

Master of traditional Palestinian sweets

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Date of Birth:



Nablus, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Abu Hamdi Alqudoumi is celebrated for his dedication to preserving and promoting the art of making traditional Palestinian sweets, particularly the famous Nablus Kunafah, over the past five decades.

Brief bio

Abu Hamdi Alqudoumi a renowned Palestinian confectioner, has dedicated about 50 years to perfecting the art of making traditional Palestinian sweets, with a special focus on Kunafah, a well-known dessert in the region. He started learning this craft at the age of 12 from his father and has since become a symbol of culinary heritage in Nablus, known for its rich tradition in sweet making.

Major Milestones


  • Starting Apprenticeship (Approx. 50 years ago): Began learning the art of sweet making from his father.

  • Mastering Traditional Methods: Perfected traditional methods of making sweets using fire and wood ovens.

  • Diversifying Sweet Making: Expanded his repertoire to include various traditional Palestinian desserts.

  • Preserving Culinary Heritage: Contributed to the preservation and promotion of Palestinian culinary traditions.

  • Recognition as a Leading Confectioner: Became known as the oldest and most experienced sweet maker in Nablus.

  • Promoting Nablus Knafeh: Specialized in making the famous Nablus Knafeh, a beloved Palestinian dessert...See More

  • Traditional Sweet Making Techniques: Upheld and passed on traditional methods of sweet making.

  • Variety of Palestinian Desserts: Produced a wide range of traditional sweets, enriching Palestinian cuisine.

  • Culinary Innovation: Introduced innovative ways to serve traditional sweets, like Knafeh sandwiches.

  • Cultural Ambassador: Acted as a cultural ambassador for Palestinian culinary heritage through his sweets.

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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