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Nadia Tommalieh

Culinary Cultural Ambassador

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Why Featured?

Preserving Palestinian Cuisine

Brief bio

Nadia Tommalieh is a prominent figure in the culinary world, known for her efforts to preserve and promote traditional Palestinian cuisine. Born in Brazil to a Palestinian father and a multi-cultural mother, Nadia's diverse heritage has greatly influenced her cooking style. She moved to Jordan at a young age, where her culinary journey began, and later migrated to the United States, bringing with her a passion for Arabic cuisine.

Major Milestones


  • Moved from Brazil to Jordan: This early relocation was pivotal, marking the beginning of her journey into Arabic cuisine.

  • Earned a BA in Modern Languages: Her academic pursuit in Jordan broadened her cultural and linguistic understanding, enhancing her culinary versatility.

  • Immigrated to the United States: This move allowed her to introduce and integrate Palestinian cuisine into a new cultural context.

  • Became a Cooking Instructor: Nadia teaches classes focusing on Palestinian cuisine, sharing her rich culinary heritage.

  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Through her role at the Pantry, she connects with several nonprofits, extending her influence beyond the kitchen.

  • Preserving Palestinian Cuisine: Nadia is dedicated to preserving the traditional ways of Palestinian cooking, amidst a world of fast-evolving culinary trends.

  • Promoting Middle Eastern Spices: Her work highlights the unique spices and flavors of the Middle East, educating people about their importance in traditional dishes...See More

  • Culinary Education: Through her cooking classes and social media, Nadia educates people on the intricacies of Middle Eastern cuisine, especially Palestinian dishes.

  • Food Blogging: She shares instructional videos and recipes, making Middle Eastern cuisine accessible to a global audience...See More

  • Support for Communities in Need: Nadia teaches cooking on a budget for communities in need, emphasizing the accessibility and nutritional value of Palestinian dishes...See More

Date of Last Update: 
April 9, 2024

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