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Asma Ghanem

Avant-Garde Palestinian Sound Artist

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Date of Birth:



Damascus, Syria

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Innovative Contributions to Music and Art

Brief bio

Asma Ghanem is a Palestinian visual artist and experimental musician known for her unique soundscapes that blend children's toys, electronic synthesizers, and urban field recordings. Her work, deeply influenced by her upbringing in a refugee family and her experiences with displacement, offers a powerful sonic representation of Palestinian life and struggles under occupation.

Major Milestones


  • Educational Foundations: Graduated from the International Academy of Art Palestine and later earned a Master's in Audio-Visual Arts from École des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse.

  • Innovative Music Projects: Initiated the experimental music project Shams Asma, exploring themes of identity and resistance through sound.

  • Acclaimed Performances: Her compositions have been performed internationally, receiving recognition for their creativity and depth.

  • Awards and Recognitions: Received accolades for her artistic contributions, including the Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA).

  • Educational and Inspirational Role: Continues to influence and inspire through workshops and public performances, educating others about the power of sound in art and activism.

  • Experimental Sound Art: Utilizes a unique mix of media to create soundscapes that narrate the Palestinian experience, pushing the boundaries of traditional music and sound art...See More

  • Cultural Representation: Through her art, Ghanem provides a voice to the underrepresented Palestinian community, showcasing their resilience and culture.

  • Innovative Artistic Techniques: Her approach to combining visual and audio elements in her performances introduces new methods to the fields of music and visual arts...See More

  • Community Engagement: Actively involved in community projects that aim to use art as a form of social and political engagement.

  • International Influence: Her work has not only been influential in Palestine but has also garnered international attention, helping to globalize the discourse on Palestinian issues through art.

Date of Last Update: 
July 8, 2024

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