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Abeer Najjar

Culinary Ambassador of Palestinian Heritage

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Date of Birth:



Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Why Featured?

Bridging Cultures Through Cuisine

Brief bio

Abeer Najjar is a Palestinian-American chef and food writer who utilizes her culinary skills to celebrate and preserve her Palestinian heritage. Through her cooking, Abeer connects diverse communities, advocating for cultural understanding and social justice.

Major Milestones


  • Career as Chef and Writer: Abeer has made significant strides in the culinary world as a self-taught chef and food writer, sharing her passion for Palestinian cuisine.

  • Founder of Huda Supper Club: She established a supper club in Chicago, creating a space to celebrate Palestinian dishes and promote cultural dialogue.

  • Public Speaking and Demonstrations: Abeer has participated in numerous public speaking engagements and cooking demonstrations, such as her event at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to educate and inspire through food.

  • Media Appearances: She has been featured in various media outlets, discussing her approach to cooking and the influence of her Palestinian roots. [Watch more: ]

  • Community and Activism: Engages in food activism, using her platform to address inequalities in the food system and advocate for a more inclusive culinary community.

  • Culinary Innovation: Abeer creatively integrates Palestinian flavors with contemporary culinary techniques, introducing Palestinian cuisine to a broader audience...See More

  • Education and Advocacy: Through cooking classes and demonstrations, she educates others about Palestinian culture and the role of food in heritage preservation...See More

  • Media Engagement: Uses her presence in media to highlight issues of cultural identity and the importance of culinary heritage...See More

  • Social Justice in Culinary Arts: Advocates for social justice within the culinary industry, focusing on diversity and inclusion.

  • Community Building: Her supper club and public events serve as platforms for cross-cultural exchange and understanding, fostering community connections through shared meals.

Date of Last Update: 
June 26, 2024

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