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Abd al-Karim al-Karmi (Abu Salma)

Pioneering Palestinian poet, lawyer, nationalist, and PLO official.

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Date of Birth:



Tulkarem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Major Palestinian poet blending activism, patriotism, and literary excellence.

Active participant in Palestinian national movements and PLO founding.

Brief bio

Abd al-Karim al-Karmi, known as Abu Salma, was a prominent Palestinian poet and activist. His literary and nationalist endeavors profoundly influenced Palestinian culture and politics. A lawyer by profession, he also held significant roles within the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Major Milestones


  • 1927: Obtained Syrian baccalaureate and began nationalist activities​​.

  • 1930s: Founding member of Pen League, wrote influential odes.

  • 1941: Graduated from Jerusalem Law Classes, practiced law in Haifa.

  • 1948: Forced to leave Haifa, relocated and worked in Syria.

  • 1979: Awarded the Lotus Prize for Literature by the Union of Asian and African Writers.

  • Influential poetry works including "The Exile" (1953) and "Songs of My Country" (1959)...See More

  • Prose works such as "The Struggle of the Arabs of Palestine" (1964)...See More

  • Active role in the establishment of PLO and participation in its congresses.

  • Advocacy for Afro-Asian solidarity within the PLO.

  • President of the General Union of Palestinian Writers and Journalists (1980).

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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