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Lama Ghosheh

Courageous journalist in conflict zone

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Jerusalem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Lama Ghosheh is recognized for her bravery and commitment to journalism in a conflict zone, highlighting the struggles and realities faced by Palestinians. Despite facing legal harassment and challenges, she continues to be a vital voice in reporting on Palestinian issues.

Brief bio

Lama Ghosheh is a Palestinian journalist known for her work in reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She has faced significant challenges, including arrest and legal harassment, due to her work in a highly volatile and politically sensitive environment. Her commitment to journalism under such circumstances is a testament to her dedication to reporting the truth and bringing attention to the Palestinian cause.

Major Milestones


  • Career as a Journalist: Lama Ghosheh has been actively reporting on the Israeli occupation   providing crucial insights into the situation on the ground.

  • Arrest and Legal Challenges: Ghosheh has faced arrest and legal harassment for her work, highlighting the difficulties faced by journalists in conflict zones.

  • Advocacy for Press Freedom: Through her experiences, Ghosheh has become an advocate for press freedom and the protection of journalists in conflict areas.

  • International Recognition: Her struggle and resilience have gained international attention, bringing to light the issues faced by Palestinian journalists.

  • Solidarity from Journalism Organizations: Organizations like the Coalition for Women in Journalism have expressed solidarity with her, recognizing the challenges she faces.

  • Reporting from Conflict Zones: Ghosheh's reporting from the front lines of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict provides valuable insights into the situation...See More

  • Highlighting Human Rights Violations: Her work has been crucial in highlighting human rights violations in the region...See More

  • Advancing Women's Role in Journalism: As a female journalist in a conflict zone, Ghosheh represents the advancement of women in a challenging field.

  • Raising Awareness Internationally: Her experiences have raised international awareness about the plight of journalists in conflict areas.

  • Inspiring Future Journalists: Ghosheh's courage and persistence serve as an inspiration for future journalists, especially in conflict-ridden areas.

Date of Last Update: 
January 16, 2024

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