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Fayez Taneeb

Permaculture pioneer, sustainability, and peace

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Tulkarem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Fayez Taneeb is celebrated for his pioneering efforts in promoting sustainable agriculture and permaculture in Palestine. He has transformed his farm, Hakoritna Farm, into a model of resilience and sustainable living despite challenging circumstances, such as the construction of the Israeli separation wall through his farm.

Brief bio

Fayez Taneeb is a Palestinian farmer and a leading figure in the field of sustainable agriculture and permaculture. Despite significant challenges, including the loss of a substantial portion of his land, Taneeb has steadfastly focused on creating a sustainable and peaceful space in the form of his farm. His efforts have not only benefited his immediate community but have also served as a model and educational resource for others in Palestine and beyond.

Major Milestones


  • Loss of Land to Separation Wall (2003): A significant part of Hakoritna Farm was taken when the Israelis built a separation wall through it.

  • Transformation into a Sustainable Farm: Taneeb and his wife decided to turn their farm into a model of sustainability and peace, teaching others about sustainable practices.

  • Educational Seminars on Farm: The farm hosted several education seminars where students learned about permaculture, biogas, and other ecological techniques.

  • Media Coverage and Interviews: Taneeb's efforts garnered media attention, leading to numerous TV and radio interviews.

  • Recognition for Non-Violent Resistance: The farm became a symbol of resilience and non-violent resistance amidst challenging circumstances.

  • Advancing Permaculture in Palestine: Taneeb's farm is a leading example of permaculture in a challenging environment...See More

  • Educating Future Generations: Through seminars and hands-on training, he has educated many young Palestinians on sustainable agriculture...See More

  • Promoting Sustainable Energy: The farm showcases sustainable energy practices like biogas production and solar drying...See More

  • Model for Peace and Sustainability: Taneeb's farm serves as a model for how agriculture can be a tool for peace and sustainability.

  • Empowering Local Communities: His work has empowered local communities to adopt sustainable practices and become more self-reliant.

Date of Last Update: 
January 16, 2024

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