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Ayed Morrar

Champion of Nonviolent Resistance

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Date of Birth:


Budrus, West Bank

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Pioneering Nonviolent Activism in Palestine

Brief bio

Ayed Morrar is a prominent Palestinian activist known for his leadership in organizing nonviolent resistance against the Israeli Separation Barrier in his village, Budrus. His efforts have not only safeguarded his community but also served as a model for peaceful protest in Palestine.

Major Milestones


  • Community Organizer: Founded the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Budrus, uniting factions and rallying both Palestinians and Israelis in nonviolent demonstrations.

  • Successful Campaign: Led the Budrus campaign, which successfully halted the construction of the Separation Barrier on village land after 10 months of nonviolent protests.

  • International Recognition: Featured in the award-winning documentary "Budrus," which highlighted his leadership and the effectiveness of nonviolent resistance.

  • Global Advocate: Has traveled internationally to speak about nonviolence, peace, and the Palestinian struggle for independence.

  • Ongoing Activism: Continues to be an active leader in advocating for Palestinian rights and teaching the tactics of nonviolent resistance...See More

  • Pioneering Nonviolent Protest: Morrar has been instrumental in demonstrating the power and success of nonviolent resistance in the Palestinian context.

  • Unifying Diverse Groups: Successfully brought together various Palestinian factions and Israeli activists to stand united in nonviolent protest.

  • Educating on Nonviolence: Through public speaking and participation in documentaries, he educates people globally on nonviolent strategies.

  • Inspiring Movements: His work in Budrus has inspired other villages and communities to adopt similar nonviolent approaches.

  • Advocacy for Justice: Continues to advocate for just solutions to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, emphasizing the importance of nonviolence and cooperation.

Date of Last Update: 
July 8, 2024

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