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Naomi Klein

Tireless Social Justice Warrior

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Why Featured?

Leading Voice in Global Activism and Palestinian Advocacy

Brief bio

Naomi Klein is a Canadian author and social activist renowned for her work on anti-globalization, climate justice, and her outspoken support for Palestinian rights. Through her influential books and public speaking, Klein has tackled complex global issues including capitalism, environmental policy, human rights, and the geopolitical dynamics affecting Palestine.

Major Milestones


  • Publication of 'No Logo': Klein's groundbreaking critique of global consumer culture, published in 2000, launched her as a key figure in the anti-globalization movement.

  • Release of 'The Shock Doctrine': Her 2007 book critically analyzed how global crises are used to implement neoliberal policies, influencing discussions on global political economy including the Middle East.

  • Climate Change Advocacy: Her 2014 book "This Changes Everything" linked environmental degradation with capitalism and included discussions on the rights of oppressed communities, including Palestinians.

  • Award-Winning Documentaries: Produced "The Take" in 2004, focusing on workers' rights, and continued to support documentary projects that highlight social justice, including issues relevant to Palestinian rights.

  • Sydney Peace Prize: Awarded in 2016 for her broad activism, which includes her vocal support for human rights and equality, principles she extends to the Palestinian cause.

  • Advocacy for Economic and Social Justice: Klein has been a vocal critic of economic policies that she views as exploitative, linking these to broader issues of global injustice, including the plight of Palestinians under occupation...See More

  • Influential Writing on Global Issues: Her books have addressed the impacts of globalization and neoliberalism, emphasizing the interconnectedness of global struggles, including the Palestinian fight for self-determination.

  • Climate Change and Human Rights: Klein connects environmental issues with human rights abuses, advocating for policies that consider the impacts on all communities, including Palestinians.

  • Public Intellectual and Educator: Through her teaching and public lectures, Klein has educated and mobilized people around the world on issues of justice, including the rights of Palestinians.

  • Support for Palestinian Rights: Klein has explicitly supported Palestinian rights in her writings and public appearances, arguing for a fair and just resolution to the conflict based on respect for human rights and international law...See More

Date of Last Update: 
July 8, 2024

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