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Remi Kanazi

Artistic Voice of Resistance

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United States

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Why Featured?

Through his potent spoken word poetry and activism, Remi Kanazi has emerged as a significant voice for Palestinian rights, blending art with political commentary in a manner that transcends borders and engages with global issues of oppression and resistance.

Brief bio

Remi Kanazi is a Palestinian-American poet, writer, and activist, widely recognized for his performance poetry that addresses themes such as human rights, the Palestinian experience, and anti-Islamophobia. His work is notable for its blend of art and activism, drawing inspiration from hip hop, spoken word traditions, and global movements for social justice.

Major Milestones


  • Began writing spoken word poetry, inspired by underground hip hop and Def Poetry Jam, using his voice to fill a "huge void" with narratives of resistance and identity.

  • Edited and contributed to "Poets for Palestine" (2008), an anthology of hip hop, poetry, and art featuring works by prominent Palestinian poets and others, emphasizing the cultural and political expressions of the Palestinian diaspora.

  • Published his first collection "Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine" (2011), including a CD of spoken word performances, marking a significant contribution to the literature of resistance.

  • Recognized by notable figures and organizations for his impactful poetry, receiving praise for his truth-telling and powerful articulation of the Palestinian struggle.

  • Actively involved in the cultural boycott of Israel, advocating for artists to use their voices ethically and stand on the right side of history by supporting oppressed peoples globally.

  • Innovative integration of political commentary and art, using spoken word poetry to address global injustices, particularly those affecting Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan...See More 

  • Advocacy for human rights and resistance against systems of oppression through both his written and performed works, engaging with themes such as police brutality, border issues, and the plight of Palestinians.

  • Educational efforts, teaching spoken word poetry to young Palestinians as a writer in residence, empowering them to express their narratives and resistances.

  • International tours and appearances at significant literary and cultural festivals, such as the Palestine Festival of Literature and Poetry International, bringing Palestinian voices to a global audience...See More

  • Contribution to the discourse on solidarity and activism, critically examining the role of allies and the importance of recognizing and checking privilege within movements of resistance.

Date of Last Update: 
May 9, 2024

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