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Rashid Masharawi

Influential Palestinian filmmaker, artist, and cultural promoter.

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Date of Birth:



Gaza City, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Rashid Masharawi, a self-taught filmmaker, has been a pivotal figure in Palestinian cinema. He started his career in the film industry at eighteen and has since made significant contributions to cinema, especially regarding the Palestinian narrative and experiences under occupation.

He founded the Cinema Production and Distribution Center (CPC) in 1996 in Ramallah, which has been instrumental in nurturing young Palestinian filmmakers and bringing cinema to refugee camps through initiatives like the Mobile Cinema and the “Kids Film Festival”​​.

Brief bio

Born and raised in the Shati refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, Rashid Masharawi is renowned for his portrayal of life under Israeli occupation. His works reflect a deep understanding of the Palestinian plight and have garnered international acclaim.

Major Milestones


  • Began working in the cinema industry at the age of 18 and learned filmmaking through practical experience on over twenty films​​...See More

  • Founded the Cinema Production and Distribution Center in Ramallah in 1996​​.

  • Gained international recognition for his feature films and documentaries, including "Curfew," "Haifa," and "Ticket to Jerusalem"​​.

  • His works have been featured in various international art exhibitions and universities, including the Israeli Academy of Cinema and Harvard University​​.

  • Collaborated on the project "From/To" in Documenta11, Kassel, one of the world's largest contemporary art exhibitions​​.

  • Through the CPC, Masharawi has significantly contributed to the development of Palestinian cinema and the training of young filmmakers​​...See More

  • He initiated the Mobile Cinema, bringing film screenings to refugee camps and promoting cultural awareness​​...See More

  • His unique portrayal of Palestinian life under occupation has brought international attention to the Palestinian narrative​​...See More

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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