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Radwa Ashour

Literary icon, Palestinian cause advocate

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Date of Birth:



Cairo, Egypt

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Radwa Ashour is renowned for her influential literary works and her active role in advocating for the Palestinian cause, as well as her contributions to cultural and political activism.

Brief bio

Radwa Ashour, an Egyptian novelist, educator, human rights activist, and critic, was born into a literary family in Cairo. She gained prominence for her literary works that often intertwined personal narratives with political and historical themes, and for her active involvement in Palestinian advocacy and cultural activism.

Major Milestones


  • Master's in Comparative Literature (1972): Received her MA in Comparative Literature from Cairo University​​.

  • PhD from University of Massachusetts: Earned a PhD, focusing on African-American literature​​.

  • Marriage to Mouried Barghouti (1970): Married Palestinian poet Mouried Barghouti, significantly influencing her involvement with the Palestinian cause​​...See More

  • Publication of 'The Granada Trilogy' (1994-95): Published her most famous work, "The Granada Trilogy," which won the First Prize at the Arab Women’s Book Fair in 1995​​.

  • Cavafy Prize for Literature (2007): Honored with the Constantine Cavafy Prize

  • Advocacy for Palestinian Cause: Actively involved in supporting the Palestinian cause through her literary works and activism​​.

  • Literary Works: Authored influential novels, short stories, and critical essays that reflect her political and historical insights​​...See More

  • Cultural Activism: Contributed to cultural movements and opposed normalization of relations with Israel​​.

  • Educational Influence: Impacted many through her role as an educator and mentor in the field of literature and activism​​.

  • International Recognition: Her works have been translated into multiple languages, bringing her perspectives to a global audience​

Date of Last Update: 
January 7, 2024

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