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Plestia Alaqad

Courageous Journalism Amidst Gaza War

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Gaza, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Plestia Alaqad is recognized for her brave and raw journalistic coverage of the war in Gaza, bringing international attention to the humanitarian situation. Her work has been a powerful voice in depicting the reality of life in Gaza under seige and guring the genocide.

Brief bio

Plestia Alaqad is a 22-year-old Palestinian journalist from Gaza, who gained recognition for her media work during the war in Gaza. Initially working as an HR professional and using Instagram to showcase everyday life in Gaza, the war dramatically shifted her career towards journalism. Alaqad's reporting has been lauded for its authenticity and humanizing portrayal of the people in Gaza.

Major Milestones


  • Shift to Journalism (2023): Transitioned from HR to journalism due to the war, reporting directly from conflict zones​​...See More

  • Social Media Impact (2023): Gained a substantial following on social media for her war coverage, significantly influencing public perception​​...See More

  • Educational Achievement (2022): Graduated in Communication and Media from the Eastern Mediterranean University​​.

  • Internships in Media (Pre-2023): Interned at several news organizations, including Press House Palestine, enhancing her journalistic skills​​.

  • Humanitarian Perspective: Highlighted the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, focusing on civilians' struggles and resilience...See More

  • Authentic War Reporting: Provided a very raw account of the war, including bombings and displacement, via her social media and news networks​​...See More

  • Advocacy for Gaza: Used her platform to advocate for the people of Gaza, emphasizing their humanity and the region's challenges​​​​.

  • Mentorship and Training: Gave media training programs and workshops at Press House Palestine, contributing to the development of other journalists​​.

  • Personal Transformation: Shared her personal journey and transformation due to the war, bringing a unique, humanized perspective to journalism​

Date of Last Update: 
December 30, 2023

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