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Nuh Ibrahim

Poetic voice of resistance during the 1936-39 Palestinian Revolt.

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Haifa, in Wadi al-Nisnas neighborhood, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Nuh Ibrahim was a prominent popular poet who became the voice of the Palestinian people during the 1936-39 revolt against British rule. His colloquial poetry captured the struggles and resilience of Palestinians, earning him significant fame and regard as a key historical figure.

Brief bio

Nuh Ibrahim was a Palestinian poet who gained acclaim for his contributions to the cultural and political life of Palestine during the British Mandate. His poetry, often recited and sung, resonated with the common people and became a powerful form of expression and resistance during a turbulent time in Palestinian history.

Major Milestones


  • Birth in Haifa, 1913.

  • Left school in fifth grade to work at a printing press.

  • Joined the Izz Eddin al-Qassam movement, 1935​​.

  • Imprisoned by the British and composed "Mr. Bailey", 1937.

  • Killed in battle against the British army, October 18, 1938.

  • Provided a voice for the Palestinian people through his poetry during the 1936-39 revolt...See More

  • Composed and recited poetry in colloquial dialect, making it accessible to the common people.

  • Created a lasting impact with his poem “O What A Loss, Izz Eddin”.

  • His imprisonment led to the creation of "Mr. Bailey", an anthem for political prisoners.

  • His death marked him as a martyr, cementing his legacy in Palestinian history.

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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