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Mustafa Salameh

Mountaineer, Explorer, Inspirational

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Why Featured?

Salameh is celebrated for his extraordinary achievements in mountaineering, including completing the Seven Summits, the North and South Poles (the Explorers Grand Slam), and for his contributions to charity and inspirational speaking.

Brief bio

Mustafa Salameh, born to Palestinian refugee parents in Kuwait, is a renowned mountaineer, author, and motivational speaker. His journey from dreaming of Everest in Edinburgh to becoming the first Jordanian to conquer the Seven Summits and both Poles highlights his determination and resilience.

Major Milestones


  • Mount Everest Ascent (2008): First Jordanian to climb Mount Everest...See More

  • Completing the Seven Summits: Joined an elite group of climbers who have reached the highest peak on each continent...See More

  • Reaching the North Pole : Became the first Jordanian to reach the North Pole.

  • Reaching the South Pole (2016): First Muslim to reach the South Pole, emphasizing the universal message of peace and perseverance.

  • Charitable Initiatives: Raised over $2 million for various causes, including cancer research and aiding Syrian refugees.

  • Promoting Peace and Understanding: Uses his platform to advocate for peace and understanding between cultures and religions.

  • Inspirational Speaking: Motivates youth and adults worldwide to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges...See More

  • Advocacy for Refugees: Highlights the plight of refugees and calls for humane treatment and support for displaced individuals.

  • Fundraising for Charitable Causes: Engaged in numerous initiatives raising millions for charity, including cancer research and aid for Syrian refugees.

  • Children's Literature: Authored a series of children’s books about his adventures to inspire the next generation.

Date of Last Update: 
February 19, 2024

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