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Mousa Kraish

Influential Palestinian-American Actor

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Date of Birth:



Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Why Featured?

Prominent Roles and Advocacy in Film

Brief bio

Mousa Kraish is a Palestinian-American actor and director known for his thoughtful choice of roles and contributions to portraying complex characters in Hollywood. He has notably rejected stereotypical roles and is acclaimed for his performances in both film and television, including his role as the Jinn in "American Gods."

Major Milestones


  • Early Education: Initially pursued a career in medicine before switching to theater, studying at David Mamet's Atlantic Theater Company.

  • Career Shift: Transitioned from potential medical career to acting, reflecting a significant pivot in his professional life...See More

  • Major Film Debut: Appeared in Steven Spielberg's "Munich," which opened further opportunities in Hollywood.

  • Advocacy in Casting: Known for refusing roles that perpetuate negative stereotypes of Arabs, advocating for more nuanced portrayals in media.

  • Theatrical Contributions: Has also made significant contributions to theater and independent films, enriching his versatile career profile.

  • Challenging Stereotypes: Kraish has been vocal about not accepting roles that depict Arabs negatively, influencing casting discussions in Hollywood...See More

  • Diverse Roles in Film and TV: Featured in various significant projects such as "Munich," "Superbad," and "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

  • Performance in 'American Gods': His portrayal of the Jinn has been critically acclaimed, adding depth to the representation of mythical and cultural narratives.

  • Directorial Ventures: Directed short films, showcasing his skills behind the camera and contributing to the industry with original content.

  • Community Impact: Through his choices and public statements, Kraish influences both the perception and the reality of how Palestinian-Americans are viewed in the arts.

Date of Last Update: 
May 9, 2024

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