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Mona Hatoum

Influential artist blending politics, feminism, and personal narrative in work.

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Date of Birth:



Beirut, Lebanon

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Why Featured?

Pioneering multimedia and installation artist known for her provocative and politically charged works.

Brief bio

Mona Hatoum is a Palestinian-British sculptor and multimedia artist. Born to Palestinian parents in Beirut, Hatoum identifies as Palestinian. Her work, spanning sculpture, installation, and performance art, often reflects themes of home, displacement, and surveillance, challenging viewers' perspectives on the familiar and the foreign.

Major Milestones


  • 1985: Performed "Road Works" in Brixton, London, a response to race riots and police enforcement...See More

  • 1988: Created "Measures of Distance," exploring displacement and familial separation...See More

  • 1992: Exhibited "Light Sentence," focusing on themes of confinement and disorientation...See More

  • 1995: Shortlisted for the Turner Prize for "Corps Estranger."..See More

  • 2017: Created "Remains (chair)" for the 10th Hiroshima Art Prize...See More

  • Utilizing threat and violence to transform the familiar into the dangerous.

  • Infusing humor into serious subjects like war and gender relations.

  • Investigating the 'abject' and the corporeal reality using her body as art material.

  • Expressing visual interest in prison, cage, and mesh-like structures.

  • Exploring tension and paradox through the combination of opposites in her artworks.

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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