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Majd Abdel Hamid

Innovative artist transforming trauma through embroidery and multimedia expressions.

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Damascus, Syria

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Why Featured?

Majd Abdel Hamid is recognized for his unique contributions to contemporary art, particularly in the use of embroidery to explore themes of time, memory, and trauma, and for his impactful graffiti that resonates deeply with the Palestinian identity and struggle.

Brief bio

Majd Abdel Hamid is a Palestinian visual artist, known for his diverse artistic media including video, installation, drawing, sculpture, and embroidery. He is celebrated for his unique approach to art, using humble materials to create thought-provoking works that explore national identity and trauma. His work often combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary themes, making a significant impact in both the Palestinian art scene and the international art community.

Major Milestones


  • Attended the International Academy of Art in Palestine (2007-2009)...See More

  • Graduated from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden (2010) [93][94]...See More

  • First experimented with embroidery during an artist residency at Cité des Arts in Paris (2009).

  • Created a significant graffiti work on the West Bank wall, spelling out the Palestinian Declaration of Independence (2007).

  • Held solo exhibitions in prominent venues like CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, and gb agency, Paris (2022) .

  • Innovative use of embroidery as a medium to explore complex themes like time, memory, and trauma [109].

  • Development of unique artistic practices combining traditional embroidery with contemporary political and social commentary.

  • Participation in significant group exhibitions across the globe, contributing to the international recognition of Palestinian contemporary art.

  • Exploration of new artistic concepts, such as in his project "800 meters and a corridor," which involved weaving threads to represent the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion.

  • His ongoing series "Son, this is a waste of time," reflecting on themes of time, waiting, and the mundane through the act of embroidery.

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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