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Lina Al-Sharif

Influential Palestinian Poet and blogger

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Why Featured?

Significant contributions in poetry and activism

Brief bio

Lina Al-Sharif is a Palestinian poet and blogger who has made significant contributions to Palestinian literature and activism. She earned a master's degree in creative writing/poetry from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom and is known for her powerful poetry and writings. She resides in Qatar and is actively involved in sharing her experiences and insights through poetry and her blog.

Major Milestones


  • Born in Kuwait and moved to Bolivia before settling in Gaza, which significantly shaped her identity​​.

  • Engagement and marriage to a Palestinian South African, highlighting her personal life entwined with the Palestinian narrative​​.

  • Engagement period marked by challenges due to electricity outages, bad internet, and the Israeli siege on Gaza, reflecting the realities of life in Gaza​​.

  • Decision to unite with her husband in Gaza, emphasizing her deep connection to Palestine despite the challenges of leaving her family​​...See More

  • Embracing her roots and identity as a 23-year-old blogger from Gaza, committed to sharing her experiences and perspectives​​...See More

  • Regularly performs poems at Words and Strings spoken-word events in Qatar, showcasing her talent and spreading awareness​​.

  • Contribution to the book “Gaza Unsilenced,” offering insights into the Palestinian experience​​.

  • Publishing work in Sukoonmagazine, furthering her reach and influence​​.

  • Active engagement in social media platforms like Twitter and WordPress, using these tools to voice her experiences and views​​.

  • Writing a digest of her life on her blog, which has become a platform for expressing her thoughts and experiences as a Palestinian

Date of Last Update: 
December 30, 2023

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