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Laila El-Haddad

Author, activist, providing unique insights into Palestinian life and rights.

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Why Featured?

El-Haddad's impactful work as an author, journalist, and activist provides a poignant look into the lives of Palestinians, especially in Gaza. Her books and documentaries offer much-needed narratives that highlight the human aspects of the Palestinian struggle and culture.

Brief bio

Laila El-Haddad is a Palestinian author, journalist, documentarian, and public speaker. Her work often explores the intersection of food, politics, and identity, and she has provided coverage and analysis of significant events in Gaza.

Major Milestones


  • BA from Duke University (2000).

  • Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School (2002).

  • Al Jazeera English Gaza correspondent (2003-2007).

  • Co-directed the documentary "Tunnel Trade."

  • Appeared in CNN's "Parts Unknown" (2014).

  • Author of "Gaza Mom" and co-author of "The Gaza Kitchen."..See More

  • Co-editor of the anthology "Gaza Unsilenced."..See More

  • Provided insightful coverage of Gaza Disengagement and Palestinian elections...See More

  • Recipient of the ‘Best Arab Cuisine Book’ award and other literary honors...See More

  • Advocacy for Palestinian rights and volunteer work with Syrian refugees.

Date of Last Update: 
December 14, 2023

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