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Khalida Jarrar

Influential feminist, activist, and advocate for Palestinian prisoners’ rights.

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Nablus, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Khalida Jarrar is renowned for her lifelong dedication to social and political activism in Palestine, especially in advocating for prisoners' rights, gender equality, and political reform.

Brief bio

Khalida Jarrar, a left-wing parliamentarian and feminist, has been a prominent voice in Palestinian society. From a young age, she challenged gender stereotypes and became involved in community work. Her activism led to multiple arrests by Israeli authorities, reflecting her unwavering commitment to social and political causes. She played a significant role in Palestine's early feminist movement and has consistently worked towards empowering women. Jarrar has also been an influential member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), where she focused on gender equality, prisoners’ rights, and democratic processes.

Major Milestones


  • 1980s: Began activism in Palestine's feminist movement at Birzeit University.

  • 1989: First arrest during an International Women's Day protest; subsequently focused on prisoners' rights.

  • 2006: Elected as a representative of the PLC, later heading the council’s prisoners’ committee.

  • 2015: Arrested by Israel and held under administrative detention.

  • Pursuit of Master’s Degree: While studying human rights and democracy at Birzeit University, she continued her activism.

  • Feminist Activism: Pioneering role in Palestine’s feminist movement, empowering female entrepreneurs...See More

  • Advocacy for Prisoners’ Rights: Director of Addameer, a Palestinian prisoners’ rights group...See More

  • Political Leadership: Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, advocating for social and political reform.

  • International Representation: Represents Palestine on the Council of Europe.

  • Promotion of Gender Equality: Advocated for women's rights and equality within Palestinian society.

Date of Last Update: 
December 18, 2023

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