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Kamilya Jubran

Pioneer in Palestinian indie music, vocalist, oud player, and composer.

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Why Featured?

Kamilya Jubran is celebrated for her influential role in Palestinian indie music. She has significantly contributed to both the folkloric and contemporary music scenes over four decades, intertwining her music with the evolution of Palestinian culture and experimental music.

Brief bio

Kamilya Jubran is a renowned Palestinian vocalist and oud player whose musical journey spans over four decades. Beginning with her work in the Jerusalem music collective Sabreen in the 1980s, Jubran has been a driving force in the Palestinian cultural scene. Her work encompasses traditional folkloric music, contemporary compositions, and experimental-electronic projects. Jubran's music is known for its deep exploration of identity, place, and the Palestinian experience.

Major Milestones


  • Joined Sabreen Group as lead singer and Qanoon player (1982-2002)​​.

  • Established Sabreen Association for Artistic Development (Date not specified).

  • Launched solo career as a vocalist and oud player (Post-2002)​​.

  • Released album 'Makan' exploring identity and place (2008)​​.

  • Collaborated with Swiss musician Werner Hasler on albums 'Wameed,' 'Wanabni,' and 'Wasl' (2008-2013)​​​​.

  • Influential work with the Jerusalem music collective Sabreen...See More

  • Pioneering contributions to the Palestinian folkloric and experimental music scene...See More

  • Collaborations with various artists like Werner Hasler and Sarah Murcia, blending different musical styles...See More

  • Employing a diverse range of dialects in her music, from Palestinian to Moroccan, adding depth and cultural significance to her work.

  • Her albums often feature texts by renowned poets, with each song reflecting a form of activism and political underpinning.

Date of Last Update: 
December 17, 2023

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