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Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Versatile writer, translator, and painter.

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Date of Birth:



Bethlehem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra was an influential Palestinian novelist, poet, painter, and translator. His multifaceted contributions to Arab literature and culture have cemented his place as a leading intellectual of his time.

Brief bio

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra was a Palestinian writer and artist known for his literary works that encompassed novels, poetry, essays, and plays. He was also recognized for his translations, particularly of Shakespeare's works into Arabic, and his contributions to the fields of education and culture in Palestine and later in Iraq.

Major Milestones


  • 1939: Awarded a scholarship to study English literature in England.

  • 1943: Obtained his Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Cambridge University.

  • 1948: Forced to flee Jerusalem due to the occupation, eventually settling in Baghdad.

  • 1951: Co-founded the Baghdad Society for Modern Art.

  • 1972: Became head of information at the National Iraqi Oil Company, contributing significantly to cultural publications.

  • Published the novel "Hunters in a Narrow Street," which is highly regarded in modern Arabic fiction...See More

  • Founded the Baghdad Society for Modern Art, promoting modern art in the region...See More

  • Edited and contributed to literary magazines, including "Workers in Oil" and "Oil and the World."..See More

  • His translations of Shakespeare works are considered among the best into the Arabic language.

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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