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Izz al-Din Manasirah

Poet, thinker, critic, academic; voice of Palestinian resistance.

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Date of Birth:



Bani Naim, Hebron Governorate, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Izz al-Din Manasirah is remembered for his significant contributions to modern Arabic poetry, his role in developing methodologies for cultural criticism, and for being an emblematic figure of the Palestinian resistance through his work. His dedication to the culture of resistance and his impact as a poet and academic have made him a notable figure in Palestinian history.

Brief bio

Izz al-Din Manasirah was a renowned Palestinian poet, critic, and academic who became known as "The Revolution’s Poet." His work was deeply intertwined with the Palestinian resistance and revolution, reflecting the national liberation's concerns and influencing modern poetic movements. He contributed significantly to the cultural scene through his poetry and media programs in Jordan, which helped discover many talents.

Major Milestones


  • Education in Cairo (1964-1968): Studied at Cairo University, obtaining a degree in Arabic and Islamic Science, and began his poetry career

  • Cultural Impact in Jordan (1970-1973): Directed cultural programs on Jordanian radio and co-founded the Jordanian Writers' Association

  • Lebanese Revolution Participation (1974-1982): Joined the Palestinian revolution in Beirut, engaging in both military and cultural resistance

  • Academic Career and Post-Graduate Studies: Earned a post-graduate degree in modern Bulgarian literature and a doctorate in modern criticism and comparative literature; later taught at universities in Algeria and Jordan

  • Literary Awards and Recognition: Received the Jordanian State Poetry Prize (1995) and the Jerusalem Prize (2011)

  • Pioneering the modern poetic movement in Arabic literature...See More

  • Development of cultural criticism methodologies...See More

  • His poems, such as “Jafra” and “In Green We Coffined Him,” were turned into songs, marking an important fusion of poetry and music...See More

  • His work through media in Jordan helped uncover numerous talents...See More

  • His poetry and writings contributed to the cultural and armed resistance in Palestine.

Date of Last Update: 
January 15, 2024

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