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George Galloway

Passionate Palestinian Cause Advocate,Politician

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Dundee, Scotland

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Why Featured?

George Galloway's dedication to the Palestinian cause and his active participation in humanitarian efforts have made him a notable figure in supporting Palestinian rights. His involvement in various initiatives, including Viva Palestina, highlights his commitment to the issue.

Brief bio

George Galloway is a British politician and activist known for his fervent support of the Palestinian cause. His career is marked by his leadership in delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, challenging blockades, and raising awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people.

Major Milestones


  • Became involved with the pro-Palestinian movement in the mid-1970s after visiting a Palestinian refugee camp.

  • Served as the general secretary of War On Want (1983-1987), working closely with the Union of Palestine Medical Relief Committees.

  • Founded Viva Palestina in 2009, a fundraising project for the Palestinian people, which provided millions of dollars and non-cash assistance to Gaza.

  • Led the Viva Palestina convoy in 2009, bringing over £1 million in aid to Gaza.

  • Participated in the Viva Palestina expedition to Gaza in July 2009, highlighting the blockade's impact on Gaza​​​​​​​​​​.

  • Advocated for Palestinian rights and raised awareness about the challenges faced by Palestinians under occupation.

  • Organized and led humanitarian aid convoys to Gaza, notably Viva Palestina, facing significant political and logistical challenges.

  • Engaged in political activism and discourse to address the issue of Palestine on various international platforms...See More

  • Actively criticized and opposed policies and actions that he viewed as unjust towards the Palestinian people...See More

  • Collaborated with international figures and organizations to garner support and aid for the Palestinian cause...See More

Date of Last Update: 
January 7, 2024

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