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Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri

Education, Leadership, Advocacy, Innovation, and Collaboration

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Date of Birth:



Gaza, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Dr. Abu Zuhri is recognized for his significant contributions to Palestinian education and culture, his leadership in various educational institutions, and his active role in the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Brief bio

Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri is a distinguished Palestinian academic leader. He has served as the president of the Arab-American University in Jenin and the former president of al-Aqsa University in Gaza. Dr. Abu Zuhri has also been actively involved in the Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Major Milestones


  • Education Minister: Served as Palestinian Authority minister for education (2013-2014).

  • University President: Presidency of the Arab-American University in Jenin.

  • PLO Executive Committee: Elected to the PLO’s Executive Committee in 2018.

  • Al-Aqsa University: Former president of al-Aqsa University in Gaza.

  • Educational Projects: Advocated for educational projects focusing on various areas including people with special needs, media development, women empowerment, and artificial intelligence.

  • Leadership in Education: Sustained development of educational institutions in Palestine.

  • Advocacy for Education: Played a crucial role in promoting education in Palestine, including the development of Arab-American University.

  • PLO Involvement: Contributed to Palestinian political and educational development through his role in the PLO.

  • Enhancing Academic Collaboration: Promoted international cooperation and networking in education...See More

  • Supporting Diverse Projects: Advocated for projects in various fields such as artificial intelligence, women empowerment, and supporting rural communities.

Date of Last Update: 
January 7, 2024

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