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Dalal Abu Amneh

Singer, Producer, Neuroscientist

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Date of Birth:



Nazareth, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Dalal Abu Amneh is renowned for her unique blend of musical and scientific talents, combining her passion for Palestinian folk songs and classical Arabic music with her expertise in neuroscience.

Brief bio

Dalal Abu Amneh, born in Nazareth in 1983, is a Palestinian singer, producer, and neuroscientist. She has been interested in both science and music since childhood. Her work in music and brain sciences exemplifies a rare blend of artistic and scientific pursuits. Abu Amneh's contributions span across various musical genres, enriching the Palestinian cultural landscape.

Major Milestones


  • Musical Talent Emergence (Mid-1990s): Dalal's talent became evident at the age of 13, and she started singing Palestinian folk songs at social and folklore events.

  • First Song Success: Her first song, "Ana albi wrohi fadak," gained significant popularity, featuring in the Top Ten on local radio channels.

  • Recognition in Euromedcafe Contest: Her second song "Bokra Jdeed" was chosen as one of the Top Five songs in the Euromedcafe international "other song" contest for intercultural dialogue and peace.

  • Participation in Global Festivals: Dalal and her band have participated in several festivals worldwide, collaborating with international orchestras...See More

  • Academic Pursuit in Neuroscience: Parallel to her musical career, Dalal is pursuing a Master's degree in Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the Technion Institute in Haifa.

  • Promoting Palestinian Music: Dalal is known for her efforts in promoting Palestinian folk music and classical Arabic songs on global platforms.

  • Cultural Representation in Music: She has developed a television show, "Mishwar Sitti," visiting various Palestinian towns and villages to share her art...See More

  • Versatility in Musical Genres: Dalal has demonstrated her ability in a wide variety of genres, including Tarab, Andalusian Muwashahat, and Sufi poetry.

  • Educational Contributions: She has a special performance for children, educating them in Arabic classical music in a simplified manner.

  • Integration of Science and Music: As a neuroscientist, Dalal represents a unique blend of scientific knowledge and musical talent, contributing significantly to both fields.

Date of Last Update: 
December 31, 2023

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