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Bassel Al-Araj

Intellectual, Revolutionary, Writer, Activist, Martyr

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Date of Birth:



Al-Walaja, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Bassel Al-Araj was a prominent Palestinian intellectual, writer, and activist who became a symbol of resistance and struggle against Israeli occupation. He was known for his deep commitment to Palestinian liberation and his role in educating and inspiring the Palestinian youth.

Brief bio

Bassel Al-Araj was a pharmacist by training but became widely known for his activism and intellectual contributions to the Palestinian resistance movement. He was a staunch opponent of the Oslo Accords and the security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. Al-Araj's legacy continues to inspire Palestinians and international activists advocating for Palestinian rights and self-determination.

Major Milestones


  • Educational Background and Early Activism: Bassel Al-Araj graduated as a pharmacist but soon devoted himself to studying and publishing detailed experiences of Palestinian revolutionaries. His journey of resistance spanned two decades, encompassing demonstrations, sit-ins, community work, and education​​​​...See More

  • Arrest and Hunger Strike (2016): Arrested by the Palestinian Authority under security coordination with Israel, he and his comrades were imprisoned and tortured for five months without charge. They were released following a hunger strike in September 2016...See More

  • Underground Resistance: After his release, Al-Araj went underground as his family's home was repeatedly attacked by Israeli occupation forces...See More

  • Assassination (March 6, 2017): He was assassinated by Israeli occupation forces in El-Bireh, Palestine. He resisted until the end, refusing to surrender...See More

  • Posthumous Influence: His assassination sparked demonstrations in Palestinian, Arab, and international cities, uniting people in mourning and resistance. His legacy continues to influence Palestinian and international activists...See More

  1. Engagement in Palestinian Struggle: Al-Araj engaged in all aspects of Palestinian struggle, from the boycott movement to armed resistance, embodying the "struggling intellectual”.

  2. Prominent Writer and Thinker: He was a prominent writer and thinker, actively participating in protest campaigns and boycott movements throughout occupied Palestine.

  3. Educational Contributions: Al-Araj worked on educating Palestinians about their history and resistance, particularly focusing on neglected topics in mainstream education.

  4. Vision of Palestinian Liberation: He was a symbol of struggle and resistance for millions of Palestinians, Arabs, and internationalists, advocating for return, liberation, and victory in Palestine.

  5. International Activism: Al-Araj was involved in boycott campaigns, actions against the apartheid wall, and campaigns against normalization. He also participated in educational presentations and built research institutions

Date of Last Update: 
December 31, 2023

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