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Azza El-Hassan

Influential Palestinian filmmaker, specializing in narratives about Palestinian life.

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Why Featured?

Azza El-Hassan has become one of the few promising female directors in Palestine. Her work, often focusing on the Occupation of Palestine and the use of visual archives, has garnered international acclaim and several awards. She is known for her powerful storytelling and commitment to presenting the Palestinian experience through film.

Brief bio

Azza El-Hassan is a Palestinian filmmaker recognized for her insightful documentaries that explore the complexities of Palestinian life and history. Her films have received international recognition, and she has been awarded for her unique contributions to the field of documentary filmmaking.

Major Milestones


  • 1971: Born in Jordan, shortly before moving to Lebanon due to the civil war in Jordan​​.

  • Early 1980s: Volunteered in hospitals during Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon​​.

  • Late 1980s: Moved back to Amman, Jordan, after living in Lebanon​​.

  • 1996: Graduated with an M.A. in Television Documentary Film from London University's Goldsmith College and decided to settle in Palestine​​.

  • 2001: Shifted her perspective on her work and country, becoming more pragmatic in her filmmaking approach​​.

  • Film "Kings and Extras" (2004): Explores the missing films in the PLO Media Unit after the Israeli invasion of Beirut in 1982...See More

  • Grierson Award (BBC) for Best Newcomer (2003): Recognized for her exceptional talent in documentary filmmaking.

  • Film "News Time": Won the Jury Special Award at the Arab Screen Independent Film Festival, highlighting the Palestinian intifada.

  • Film "Sinbad is a She" and "Title Deed from Moses": Other notable works that contribute to her reputation as a pioneering filmmaker.

  • The Void Project (2019): A multimedia art project founded by El-Hassan, focusing on restoring archival films and producing narratives centered around archives.

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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