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Anhar Al Deek

Symbol of Palestinian women's struggle and resilience under occupation.

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Date of Birth:



Kafr Ni'ma, near Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Anhar Al Deek's case highlighted the plight of pregnant Palestinian women in Israeli custody and ignited widespread calls for justice and human rights.

Brief bio

Anhar Al Deek is a Palestinian woman who became a prominent figure due to her arrest by Israeli authorities while she was pregnant. Her case drew international attention and became a symbol of the struggles faced by Palestinian women under Israeli occupation.

Major Milestones


  • Arrest in March 2021: Al Deek was arrested by Israeli occupation on charges of attempting to stab Israeli settlers.

  • Pregnancy during Detention: She was four months pregnant at the time of her arrest.

  • Solitary Confinement and Harsh Conditions: She was placed in solitary confinement during her detention and faced harsh conditions.

  • Release on Bail in September 2021: Following widespread protests and international pressure, she was released on bail.

  • Birth of Her Son: Shortly after her release, she gave birth to her son, Alaa, outside of prison.

  • Raising Awareness: Her case brought international attention to the treatment of Palestinian women in Israeli prisons...See More

  • Symbol of Resilience: Became a symbol of strength and resilience under difficult circumstances...See More

  • Inspiring Activism: Her situation inspired widespread activism and calls for justice.

  • Highlighting Human Rights Issues: Brought to light human rights issues regarding the treatment of pregnant prisoners.

  • Mobilizing International Support: Her case mobilized support from various human rights organizations and the international community.

Date of Last Update: 
December 18, 2023

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