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Ali Suliman

Prolific actor, a prominent figure in Middle Eastern and Hollywood cinema.

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Nazareth, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Ali Suliman has gained international recognition for his versatility and profound impact in both Middle Eastern and Hollywood cinema. His performances are marked by emotional depth and complexity, making him one of the most celebrated actors from the region. His career, spanning over two decades, includes participation in critically acclaimed films and significant contributions to Arab cinema.

Brief bio

Ali Suliman is a renowned actor known for his diverse roles in both Middle Eastern and Hollywood films. Since his landmark role in "Paradise Now" (2005), Suliman has been a key figure in cinema, adeptly balancing roles in major Hollywood productions and independent Arab films. His career showcases a dedication to challenging stereotypes and advancing the representation of Arab actors in global cinema.

Major Milestones


  • 2005: Breakthrough role in the Oscar-nominated film "Paradise Now."

  • 2007-2008: Transition to Hollywood with significant roles in "The Kingdom" and "Body of Lies."

  • 2010: Explored his heritage in the stage play "I Am Yusuf and This Is My Brother" and TV serial "The Promise."

  • 2021: Starred in "200 Meters," Jordan's official submission to the Academy Awards.

  • Emergence in Color-Blind Casting: Portrayed diverse characters beyond stereotypical Arab roles in Hollywood.

  • Pivotal role in advancing Arab cinema and nurturing emerging talent in the region...See More

  • Breaking stereotypes of Arab actors in Hollywood, turning down roles that perpetuated clichés...See More

  • Contributing to the portrayal of nuanced and complex Arab characters in international cinema...See More

  • Participation in films that highlight important historical and cultural narratives of the Middle East.

  • Advocacy for more inclusive and diverse representation in global cinema.

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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