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Ahlam Bsharat

Pioneering Palestinian Author

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Date of Birth:



Tammun, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Contributions to Palestinian literature and children's literature.

Brief bio

Ahlam Bsharat is a celebrated Palestinian author known for her contributions to young adult and children's literature. Her works often explore themes of childhood, identity, and life under occupation, providing a unique perspective on Palestinian daily life and struggles. Bsharat's storytelling blends realism with fantasy, offering both hope and a critical lens through which to view the complexities of Palestinian existence.

Major Milestones


  • Completion of Master’s Degree in Arabic Literature (Date unspecified): Ahlam Bsharat's academic achievement at An-Najah National University in Nablus marks a foundational milestone in her career. This advanced degree not only signifies her deep understanding of Arabic literature but also underscores her commitment to furthering her craft within a scholarly context.

  • Recognition on the IBBY Honor List (2012): Her book "Ismee Alharakee Farasha" (Code Name: Butterfly) being included in the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) Honor List represents a significant international acknowledgment of her talent and contribution to children's literature, highlighting her ability to engage with young readers across diverse cultural backgrounds...See More

  • Etisalat Award For Arabic Children’s Literature Runner-Up (2013): Both "Ismee Alharakee Farasha" (Code Name: Butterfly) and "Ashjaar lil-Naas al-Ghaa’ibeen" (Trees for the Absentees) being recognized as runners-up for this prestigious award marks a notable milestone in her career, emphasizing her standing as a leading figure in Arabic children's and young adult literature.

  • Shortlisting for the Palestine Book Awards (2017): "Code Name: Butterfly" being shortlisted for the UK-based Palestine Book Awards further validates Bsharat's significant impact on literature concerning Palestinian themes, illustrating the international resonance of her work and her contributions to raising awareness about Palestinian issues through literature...See More

  • International Artist Residencies and Workshops: Ahlam Bsharat's participation in cultural forums and her roles as artist-in-residence in Belgium, France, and Spain, along with leading creative writing workshops at notable events such as the Emirates Literature Festival in Dubai, underscore her active engagement in the literary community. These experiences not only enrich her own creative process but also enable her to influence and inspire others, from children to adults, in the art of storytelling...See More

  • Advancement of Children's Literature: Bsharat has significantly contributed to the field of children's literature in Palestine, offering narratives that engage young readers with stories reflective of their experiences...See More

  • Narratives of Daily Palestinian Life: Through her works, Bsharat provides insights into the daily lives of Palestinians, blending the mundane with moments of beauty and resistance.

  • Mentorship and Advocacy for Young Writers: Bsharat's involvement in workshops and seminars demonstrates her commitment to nurturing new literary talent in Palestine.

  • International Outreach: Her participation in international literary festivals and events has played a crucial role in bringing Palestinian stories to a global audience.

  • Literary Innovation: Bsharat's unique narrative style, which often incorporates elements of fantasy and magical realism, has introduced new dimensions to Palestinian literature.

Date of Last Update: 
April 2, 2024

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