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Abdel Aziz Ali Abdul Majid al-Rantisi

Co-founder of Hamas, influential in Palestinian political and resistance movements.

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Date of Birth:



Yibna, near Jaffa, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Abd el Aziz al-Rantisi is recognized for his significant role in Palestinian history as a co-founder of Hamas and a prominent political leader. His involvement in the Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation and his leadership in various political and medical roles have made him a notable figure in the history of Palestine.

Brief bio

Abd el Aziz al-Rantisi was a Palestinian political leader, co-founder of Hamas, and a pediatrician. Known for his strong will and dynamic personality, he played a pivotal role in the Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation. He was also a skilled writer, poet, and orator.

Major Milestones


  • 1948: Displacement to Gaza Strip following the Nakba and occupation of his village.

  • 1971: Graduated as a doctor of medicine from Alexandria University, Egypt.

  • 1976: Earned a master's degree in pediatrics and became head of pediatrics at Nasir Hospital in Gaza.

  • 1987: Co-founded Hamas, becoming a key figure in the Palestinian intifada.

  • 2004: Became the leader of Hamas following the assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, before his own assassination in the same year.

  • Pioneering role in establishing Hamas and its rise as a significant force in Palestinian politics...See More

  • Leadership in medical field, particularly in pediatrics, serving the needy in Gaza.

  • Active resistance against Israeli occupation, including organizing tax withholding campaigns.

  • Academic contributions, including teaching at the Islamic University of Gaza.

  • Political writings and poetry, published widely in Arab newspapers and his website.

Date of Last Update: 
December 18, 2023

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