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Mohammad Sabaaneh

Visionary Palestinian Cartoonist

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Why Featured?

Artistic Representation of Palestinian Struggles

Brief bio

Mohammad Sabaaneh is a Palestinian graphic artist and political cartoonist renowned for his stark, expressive works that critique political dynamics and social issues within and surrounding Palestine. His powerful imagery serves as a poignant commentary on the struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people.

Major Milestones


  • Professional Start: Began his career as a cartoonist in 2002, quickly gaining recognition for his unique style.

  • Political Imprisonment: In 2013, Sabaaneh was detained by Israeli authorities, an experience that deeply influenced his art and advocacy.

  • Principal Cartoonist: Serves as the principal cartoonist for the Palestinian Authority’s daily newspaper, Al-Hayat al-Jadida.

  • Global Recognition: His work has been published internationally, making him a significant voice in global discussions on Palestine...See More 

  • Academic Contributions: Teaches art at the Arab American University, nurturing the next generation of Palestinian artists.

  • Artistic Advocacy: Sabaaneh's cartoons frequently address issues of occupation, resistance, and Palestinian identity, offering insights through visual art...See More

  • International Exhibitions: His artwork has been exhibited worldwide, bringing Palestinian narratives to global audiences.

  • Educational Impact: Through teaching, he imparts not only artistic skills but also a deep understanding of the role of art in social activism.

  • Publications: Author of several influential books, including "White and Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine" which compile his most impactful works.

  • Community Engagement: Works with various communities, including deaf students and children affected by conflict, using art as a form of therapy and expression.

Date of Last Update: 
July 8, 2024

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